Endless Mountains Council of the Arts

En Plein Air

The EMCA En Plein Air group provides an excellent forum for an aspiring artist to enjoy the company and coaching of other artists in an informal atmosphere. Already an artist? Then this forum provides that opportunity to create in a group environment.

A key to being an accomplished artist is to understand that at the end of the day the only measurement of success is that you are personally pleased with your work and professional progress.

Join us any or every Monday at 1pm for 3 hours of self improvement. Expect to be joined by artists of all experience levels, using their favorite media, with the common goal of artistic satisfaction. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE AN EMCA MEMBER TO PARTICIPATE!

We meet at the EMCA Center at 1:00 pm Mondays and then head out to the plein air location of the day. The Endless Mountains provide a multitude of venues (and you get to suggest one for "next week"). Come rain or shine - weather dictating we work at the Center or at the studio of one of the artists.

Joan Johnson and Lavona Daniels were the organizers of this endeavor and the group has grown steadily, not only in number but in the quality of the work they are producing. It is a delightful and inspiring weekly event. They welcome new painters. So if you would like to give it a try call the Gallery at 836-3622. THERE IS NO FEE AND IT IS NOT A WORKSHOP OR CLASS...just a group of artists who enjoy painting.

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